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  The TBox telecontrol system is the first programmable controller (IEC 61131-3 compliant) that includes telecontrol functions as standard in one single unit. In fact, TBox incorporates six functions in one system: -

1. Internet Compatible Telemetry System
2. Multi-Communication Platform
3. Powerful PLC
4. Alarm Notification System
5. Intelligent Datalogger
6. Protocol Converter

The system is excellent for industries requiring local and/or remote control or tie-ins to existing control systems. Remote access to TBox can be via PSTN, ISDN, GSM/GPRS/3G, RF, Ethernet LAN, Internet, VPN,  Leased or Private Line, Satellite and others. Modbus RTU via RS485/232 serial connection and Modbus TCP via RJ45 Ethernet is standard. Various other protocol drivers are also available such as DNP3.0, Allen-Bradley DF1, IEC60870-5, ASCII, SNMP, LocalBus, Coronis, ABB Comli and TG800.

The TBox telecontrol system is a unique and proven system with over 200,000 worldwide installations in various applications such as building automation, water distribution, water treatment, electricity, climate engineering, oil & chemicals, signalling, gas, medical, agriculture, telecommunications, river management, public swimming pools, environment and many others.

Systems Integrators (SI) and Value Added Resellers (VAR) enquiries welcome!

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TBox LT2 Series
Integrates advanced automation, web server, alarm notification, and data logging with Ethernet and wieless communications in a single, rugged module. Now all remote assets and processes are under your control and within reach. LT2 features 32 bit CPU, 32GB micro SD card for local archives/program backup/remote startup, SNMP & NTP, Modbus & DNP3.0 protocols, USB 2.0, integral 3G and I/O expansion. Click image on the left for more product information.



TBox WM (Wireless Monitor) Series
Extends advanced monitoring, automation and telemetry capabilities to processes requiring as few as one or two measurements. Designed for locations which lack a power source, intelligent power management allows TBox WM to operate using a small lithium battery. This ready to install solution is available in a variety of enclosures including DIN rail mount and the IP66 weatherproof as shown, with internal single or dual lithium battery, and a wireless communications device or PSTN modem. Wireless modem include GSM/GPRS cellular, CDMA cellular and Spread Spectrum radio. Click image on the left for more product information.



TBox MS (Modular System) Series
Combines the power of the internet with modular-based architecture to create a class leading remote control and automation solution. Equipped with one of the market's most powerful processors, only TBox incorporates Web server technology with SMS reporting and remote control to give you real-time access anytime, anywhere, using a standard Web browser. TBox telemetry products give you everything needed to create high-peformance yet economical SCADA and control applications. Click image on the left for more product information.


TBox Lite Series
An all-in-one package that brings an integral Web server, push communications and reporting via email and SMS text messaging to small monitoring and control applications. Its compact, standard design and innovative technology enable real-time access, anywhere, with a mobile phone, PC, or PDA to create a highly cost-effective solution. Click image on the left for more product information.

TBox RM (Remote I/O Module) Series
Compact size and monoblock construction that can be fixed easily on DIN rail. The modules connect a wide variety of electrical, electronic and mechanical devices and sensors - such as pumps, temperature and pressure transmitters, motors and more - to computers and applications over standard Ethernet networks (Modbus/TCP), RS485 (Modbus RTU) or other controllers and PLCs. Click image on the left for more product information.


TBox Gateway
The TBox Gateway is an advanced protocol converter system that provides immediate internet access to any local controller or electronic device. It offers a quick and simple solution to connect multiple devices across multiple protocols and communication standards. Few telemetry outstations can be monitored via the Internet, send detailed email reports, or generate alarms. But the TBox Gateway, with its Ethernet, serial RS232, and serial RS485 ports, is a robust option for universal connectivity between your devices and your control rooms. Click image on the left for more product information.


TBox LP (Low Power) Series
TBOX LP models can be powered by small lithium batteries or by a battery charged by solar panel, small wind generator, or any other external source. With unique standby/active algorithms for the processor, the TBox LP offers unrivalled operating performance on low power sources.

TBox Classic Series (Obsolete)
The TBox Classic range provides a powerful telemetry solution with more than 15 years of improvements. It is based on a remote control concept that integrates the power of the PLC with the flexibility of telemetry, in combination with Internet technologies.